The Japanese term for animation. And just because something's animated doesn't mean it's automatically targeted at children so they can become corrupted by it. American companies usually butcher the dubbed version so they can make the ones that weren't intended for kids all TV-Y rated. Most anime takes on more mature themes and sometimes sexual content for those people who are into that.

Stereotypical anime characters, usually the younger female ones, have large eyes (to portray innocence, I guess). But not all of them do. Sometimes they have crazy hair and crazy outfits and crazy actions. The voices are high because I guess Japanese people tend to have higher voices than Americans.

The people who watch anime aren't always those stereotypical geek/nerd/dork or whatever you wanna call them. Sometimes the people who do watch anime or read manga (Jap. comics) can get a little too into the culture, but hey, whatever.
Anime's awesome.
by Ambros April 18, 2003
A style of cartoons that originated and have become heavily popular worldwide. The biggest difference between anime and American cartoons is that Anime has a plot and are made for a variety of audiences. Most people believe it childish to watch anime as a teenager because of it being a cartoon but those people should stop watching family guy which most likely 9 out of 10 of them is a fan of. Anime comes in a variety of genres such as action, adventure, romance, drama, comedy, supernatural, horror, fantasy and etc...
Guy 1: Hey dude I'm gonna go watch some anime want to join

Guy 2: Hell no cartoons are for kids I'm gonna go watch family guy

Guy 1: Family guy is a cartoon too the difference is my shows have a story and isn't all fart jokes so why don't you take your own advice before criticizing me

Guy 2: ...
by Anime Fan AK July 22, 2011
Unlike American cartoons, anime usually has one episode connecting to the next. This would give allowance for a story that is long and can express a good plot and elaborate on characters.

In American society, long-term stories are usually given to shows like Lost, Flashforward, and The Event.

Anime is long-term stories that are cartoons, and are usually cheaper to make.

There are good and bad ones, ones that are horrible at plot and characters, and ones that are good at plot and characters, just like American shows.

A great number of animes are based off of Japanese Comics (a.k.a. Manga).

In short, not all anime is gay and not all are awesome either. You have to dig for the good ones, and then BAM you have something to spice up your boring, monotonous home life when you've had enough of going outside, or can't go outside, or are worn out from studying, etc. Heck, it makes waiting for texts easier.

Of course, like anything, there are addicts... and anime isn't necessarily a good thing to be addicted with, especially if it gets in the way of your life.
Animes that easily appeal to the masses are: Death Note (psychological thriller), ToraDora (about growing up), Code Geass (about war and injustice).

If you can handle the movie Saw and want to get mind blown like Inception, watch Higurashi.

A safe site to watch anime on is Anilinkz, and there are some other sites too. Animeshippuuden is an unsafe site.

Albert: Did you watch Death Note?
Bob: Yeah, it's cool how even though they are so close to each other that they can even shake hands, if one figures out the true identity of the other through wits and smart talking, the other is dead.
by inception528491 November 29, 2010
I style of animation EXTREMELY popular in America. Anime comic books are known as "manga". I personally don't know WHAT THE HELL is so freaking INCREDIBLE about anime that makes it appears on every single freaking website you go to, let alone anything related to Japan, in case you don't notice, but anime is unquestionably popular among Americans.
"Toonami" was a bump on the Cartoon Network that mainly the anime portion of the network.
by stimlag January 10, 2007
Animation. Usually associated with Japan. Somehow, fanboys don't think american drawings is anime, because anime MUST be japanese. Fanboys are usually the pathetic balding white guys who wanna be japanese even though they clearly are not. They are usually laughed at by real japanese as well.
Associating anime with japan is just like going to Japan and saying I wanna eat japanese food. Of course they call it plain "food" there, but fanboys are so uptight, they can't realize if it ain't japanese, it sucks and is not anime.
by Anonymous March 19, 2003
Anime is a style of art that originates from Japan with strange species of humans with unatural hair colours, large shiney eyes and a teeny-weeny pointed nose. The females often have abnormally large breasts to size of melons and wear mini skirts.

May god help us all that a large majority or preteen girls like to draw themselves this way.
Anime Girl:

"Ohhhh! I Am So KAWAII!" ^_____^

"Huh? What's that?"


"AAAHHH! TENTACLE MONSTER!" *pulls down mini skirt and runs like hell*
by Lou The Wicked October 06, 2005
The term used to describe Japanese animation or the art style of characters borrowed from Japanese animation.

Anime, in recent years, has enjoyed a significant boom in popularity in outside of Japan, namely in the Western world.

Although anime has interesting and unusual themes, sometimes adult (not common in most Western animation), anime doesn't really deserve the mass popularity it has gained. Most anime shows follow similar and repetetive plots and themes to eachother, and as well, anime technique on a whole is very primitive in comparison to the American school of classical animation (eg. VERY static characters, anime has walk cycles of 4 frames) and it seems the Japanese animators take as many shortcuts as possible. Humor in anime for the most part is insultingly simplistic; a character says something stupid, and everyone falls down. The sad thing is, most anime that tries to be humorous borrows the exact same gags as every other "comedy" anime.

However, there are a few artful gems which defy these stereotypes, (Miyazaki's films, namely) but on the whole anime is a overhyped genre thats sadly, killing North American cartoons off television.
Some internet nerd: "Omg AMERICAN CARTOONS SUCK! ANIME!!111"

Animation student: "You don't know what you are talking about kid."

by Dave June 11, 2006
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