Another form of story telling that uses animation as its medium. Just like how books use text, movies use actors. Anime uses animation to tell the story, and can be very serious or very funny.

Either way anime is just another way of telling a story, all stereotypes attached to it are unnecessary.
Have you watched Monster? That is one of the darkest anime I've ever seen... It really goes deep into the humanity of good vs evil.
by hiei_op March 26, 2013
The term used to describe Japanese animation or the art style of characters borrowed from Japanese animation.

Anime, in recent years, has enjoyed a significant boom in popularity in outside of Japan, namely in the Western world.

Although anime has interesting and unusual themes, sometimes adult (not common in most Western animation), anime doesn't really deserve the mass popularity it has gained. Most anime shows follow similar and repetetive plots and themes to eachother, and as well, anime technique on a whole is very primitive in comparison to the American school of classical animation (eg. VERY static characters, anime has walk cycles of 4 frames) and it seems the Japanese animators take as many shortcuts as possible. Humor in anime for the most part is insultingly simplistic; a character says something stupid, and everyone falls down. The sad thing is, most anime that tries to be humorous borrows the exact same gags as every other "comedy" anime.

However, there are a few artful gems which defy these stereotypes, (Miyazaki's films, namely) but on the whole anime is a overhyped genre thats sadly, killing North American cartoons off television.
Some internet nerd: "Omg AMERICAN CARTOONS SUCK! ANIME!!111"

Animation student: "You don't know what you are talking about kid."

by Dave June 11, 2006
Anime - Noun: The legal way to beat off to an 8 year-old.
XxXAnimeWTFXxX - Hey I totally watched Gundam Wing yesterday!

HeNtAI-iS-FuN - Cool I like totally jerked off to that girl, Moegi, in Naruto. She totally rocks my socks.

XxXAnimeWTFXxX - Wtf?
by I-Just-Raped-You April 08, 2007
Anime is usually the Japanese form of art and animation when coming to Tv shows and movies. Its well drawn, alot of the time impressive and is usually based along the lines of fantasy. Its nice to watch ocasionally and is fairly interesting.

However I for one, hate the crap, well, most of it. Due to the fact that most anime fans are over-excessive with the anime that they watch. Also, MOST anime-fans tend to insult and ridicule other animation companies like Dreamworks and Disney, often for the sheer reason that they are rude and think everything should be anime. I find it offensive that they do so as I love Disney and so I chose not to watch alot of anime.
by Curu Curu September 11, 2003
The legal way to jerk off to a eight year old.
That weird Asian is watching anime. I thought it was stupid, until I saw the eight year old with big tits, and found out it was legal.
by Anarchist Vandal January 12, 2009
A derivative style of animation from Japan. It features grating vocal work, and the stories seem to be forged inside some kind of creative vacuum.
Anime is the domain of nerds.

Anime has giant robots and gianter tits.
by Yarbles March 06, 2005
Decent cartoons that are required by dorky-American kids to have been made in Japan. They are pretty cool to watch until you're like a 25 year old virgin who does cosplay. Than you need to move out of your mom's basement and get a life.
Evangelion, Love Hina, and Gundam are examples of some popular anime.
by tnic May 30, 2005
a form of cartoon-primarily Japanese- that commonly features aspects of science fiction and fantasy. Unlike most traditional cartoons which is mostly enjoyed by children, anime is popular amongst people who read all three Lord of the Rings books and can name the guy who played C3P0 in the Star Wars films. These people are generally lacking in basic social graces, they commonly use excessive and unnecessary word choices when asking for their Anime titles-most of which they are unable to spell themselves. Many anime features have stupid ass titles like Yo Yo deus ex machina.
Anime geek-hey do you have the new ghost in the shell movie vol. 17

disgruntled record store clerk-is it on the shelf? 'Cause if not then no.

by Mrwalkerb August 08, 2006

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