Another form of story telling that uses animation as its medium. Just like how books use text, movies use actors. Anime uses animation to tell the story, and can be very serious or very funny.

Either way anime is just another way of telling a story, all stereotypes attached to it are unnecessary.
Have you watched Monster? That is one of the darkest anime I've ever seen... It really goes deep into the humanity of good vs evil.
by hiei_op March 26, 2013
Deriving from the french word dessin animé, meaning cartoon. Japaese adopted this term and used it in their language. Other examples of adaptation of foreign words into the Japanese language are "arubaito" meaning part-time job in german, and english words such as "terebi, baiku, teeburu". The proper english translation would be animation, or cartoon.
Kyou anime wo minagara, benkyou wo shitaindakedo, chotto urusainda.
by m0u5y January 04, 2006
A form of animation from Japan.A.K.A.
Japanese Anime, Japanese Animation...
It's usually dubbed by American companies. Anime is very different from American animation. It is detailed artistically, and has very good plots. Unappreciative people complain about the dubs.
"So what if they 'butchered' a few phrases or words or other things? Be thankful for what you got...sheesh! Stop peeing and moaning about it!"

"Right on!"
by TheNewAgeRiseth May 09, 2005
Anime is originated from Japan. Its art is amazing and the detial that is put into anime is just class. Anime is japanese drawings that are drawn in a very detailed way or anime is used in paricular Television shows like Dragonball Z, Yu Gi Oh Cardcaptors and Gundam Wing. There is also Manga which is anime from japan put into comic books like Shonen Jump. Anime is very detailed and is realistic or unrealistic it does not really matter in some ways as anime is just original.
anime and manga to some people think that it is for children and when someone see's a picture of anime the first thing that they say is (Oh is that Pokemon) I tell you something if one more person say's that i am just going to say no it is not bloody pokemon it is anime, and ANIME IS NOT JUST FOR CHILDREN.
by anime lover July 10, 2003
Anime is the Japanese form of animation. In general, these cartoons are made with adult themes and tensions, however the american edits/dubbing's are generally much more watered down.

An important thing to consider is that like any regular movie, not all anime will be a classic. Some do have goofy facial expressions and plot twists that ruin crucial moments, and some of them manage to present a meaningful storyline that a wide range of people can enjoy. The majority, like in any entertainment industry, fall between.
by Soulwanderer March 18, 2003
1) The epic-est, most amazing form of entertainment ever =DD
^ That 'tis my <biased> opinion ;) ^

2) Japanese animation put plainly. Not porn. -_- (<--- My serious face xD)
Sasuke, Kyo, & Kakashi from various animes are my obsessions <333 I luff you! *squee*
by ~Lovely January 10, 2010
A style of traditional animation prominent in Japan known for extremely herky-jerky but expressive motion and highly detailed designs.
Anything from the world-renowned anime studios Studio Ghibli and Production I.G.
by AnimationFreak April 16, 2006
A cartoon that takes time to understand what is going on and happens to be more intellectual than most cartoons.

A cartoon made in japan with a good plot involved

A cartoon that alot of people think are the dumbest things to hit the T.V. when in reality they shouldn't whatch it if they don't like it.
Anime is cool, but people who like the hackjob american cartoons think it is gay
by Anonymous May 16, 2003

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