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A total idiot that senselessly complains into empty space about anime after it's been dubbed. Even though nobody's really forcing them to watch the dub. They call it a "disgrace" "Butchery" or even "#%^@&"; even though nobody normal cares. Although some don't do this.
Their main enimy is 4kids.
Anime Purist: OMG 4kids sucks they ruined Tokyo Mew Mew and Yugiou!!

Non-idiot: Oh would you SHUT UP!
by YOU'LL NEVER KNOW MY NAME September 19, 2005

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A person who simply believes only in Japanese animation that has been subtitled. In some cases, they like Japanese games
I am an otaku, as well as an anime purist because I don't like dubbed anime.
by Sneeze042 May 24, 2004