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Someone who is addicted to anime.

I am such an anime addict, i spend almost 200 bucks a month on my drug of choice.
by Sly April 02, 2005
a person who is addicted to anime-- and socially awkward or strange.
if a guy: they only study and watch anime
girls: freaks who have no social lives
white: they are extremely strange for having an addiction for japanese cartoons.

- includes porn= cartoons having sex with each other, which makes these pariahs and socially awkward people very horny(making t hem come back for more) This is also a substitution for real sex because they cannot get some (part of the reason being that they watch anime)
That girl in colorguard is an anime addict.

I don't want to go to the dance or hang out with others. I think I'll go home and watch anime, because I'm an anime addict.

That anime addict watches Naruto instead of Gossip Girl.
by stunnarshades October 15, 2008

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