A fan (usually a virgin teenaged boy) of Japanese animation. Japanese men, stereotypically, have small penises which usually leads to low self-esteem. The animators and creators of these anime shows reflect their low self-esteem into their creations. White American teenaged boys with small penises most likely subconsiously pick up the pathetic vibes of these cartoons and feel connected to them. They then begin spending $200-$300 per month buying up all the small penis cartoons they can get their hands on.

Anime Addiction is not lifestyle. It is a disease of the brain which requires one of the following treatments:

1. Professional Help
2. Getting Fucked

If the anime addict chooses choice 2 as his treatment, the female he fucks must be at least a 6 on the classic 1-10 scale or further problems may develop.
"Where's Jimmy?"
"Watching Anime"
"oh I didn't know he had a small dick"

former anime addict: "hey losers! I'm gettin pussy AGAIN tonight! What are you fags gonna be doin?"

regular joe shmoe: "dude ur bangin a fat chick who is a 3 on the 1-10 and bragging about it. Didn't you know that in order to be cured properly the girl has to be at least a 6?! Now your worse than you were before!!"
by chadsviLLe September 29, 2005
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Someone who is addicted to anime.

I am such an anime addict, i spend almost 200 bucks a month on my drug of choice.
by Sly April 02, 2005
a person who is addicted to anime-- and socially awkward or strange.
if a guy: they only study and watch anime
girls: freaks who have no social lives
white: they are extremely strange for having an addiction for japanese cartoons.

- includes porn= cartoons having sex with each other, which makes these pariahs and socially awkward people very horny(making t hem come back for more) This is also a substitution for real sex because they cannot get some (part of the reason being that they watch anime)
That girl in colorguard is an anime addict.

I don't want to go to the dance or hang out with others. I think I'll go home and watch anime, because I'm an anime addict.

That anime addict watches Naruto instead of Gossip Girl.
by stunnarshades October 15, 2008

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