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An inside out vagina.
Kyle is a salty shriveled up anigav.
by Knifeinablender January 11, 2005
The word vagina backwards. Can be used in front of parents who likely won't know what it means.
Pronounced: "A-NEE-GUV"
"I was eating out this girl's anigav and she was damn fine"
by Sharky2k6 September 24, 2006
אני גב or anigav (ani gav) means that "I am a back (The body part)" in Hebrew, in addition to being the English word, Vagina backwards. Maybe this means something epic--or maybe it doesn't?

Btw, the fact that you read Hebrew text backwards (right to left instead of left to right) may have some significance in this too!
Benjamin Livni: ?namow a no trap ydob etirovaf ruoy si tahw
Joey Schmo: !!!anigav
Benjamin Livni: תחכה, אתה גב? זהו, ואוו, אני לא יודע, פיצוץ!!! :) ((atros , gnals werbeh ni ssadab snaem (פיצוץ/ztuztip) noisolpxe) !noisolpxe ,wonk t'nod I, wow, s'tahT ?kcab a er'uoy ,tiaW)
by Jesssssssay October 16, 2011
Vagina backwors
dude ! that girl has one hell of an anigav!
by LaysGirl October 30, 2009
a woman's vagina or personal body part
Her anigav was thriving with anticipation.
by Spencer Partridge November 03, 2007