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A polish builder who cements there vag
Mum: Ania what you doing?
Ania Busiakiewicz:Urmm nothink just cememting my vagg
Mum: ok don't for get to smooth it down
by kieran pizza mann April 12, 2009
The most beautiful and awesome girl in the entire world that makes my heart melt.
Ania can never be beaten.
by andy<3333333333333 March 21, 2009
Polish word for a seductress who lures someone using a fake innocence and clever deceit.
man that girl is an ania
by frankie lankie October 02, 2007
polish chick all the way! a nerdlet at heart, but super funny & engages in random dancing at odd times. gets distracted easily, & does nto have a very large attention span. easy to talk to & get along with, Ania is an amazing friend with a book of dirty spanish words. she's gorgeous too, damn her. loves shopping (mainly for yoga pants & thongs) & is secretly a bad girl (HOODLUM!) oh. & her father is the coolest person alive (next to Ania of course...) MEEP<3
the new girl is SUCH an Ania!
by rellaaa April 10, 2010
The sexiest girl and name in the world. A polish girl that likes her significant other to be brown or arab. Has a tight vag, very kinky, yet freak of a girl. If you're with an ania, you are the luckiest guy/girl out there; hang on to her.
''My girlfriend was being such an ania last night''

by adnannnnnnn12212 November 27, 2009
to lift one eyebrow considerably higher than the other
She just did the ania like the Rock.
by Mr. Sarcastic January 01, 2006