when u skeet in a girls eye then procede to kick her in the shin/leg
I like rough sex, so me and my girlfriend do constant angry pirates.
by billkill96 November 14, 2009
To ejaculate into someone's eye, and to kick them in the shin as they attempt to clean it out with something so that they hop on one leg cover their eye and yell like a pirate.
" dude I angry pirated her last night!, it was awesome! "
by XodusFate December 14, 2014
When you cum in a girls eye kick her in the shin and run away so shes hopping on one leg and has one eye closed
Man Forrest got a picture of Max giving Sean an angry pirate
by Sean "anal seepage" Mielke May 07, 2008
The effect that occurs when one shoots jism in the face of a woman and kicks her in the shin.
blowing your load on a girls eye, making her stand to her feet grabbing the eye then afterwards kicking her in the shin causing her to stand on one leg making her look like one angry pirate
by cypherserg November 01, 2007
To ejaculate in one's eye and simultaneously stomp on their foot. The subject will hop on one leg covering their eye saying "Arrgh"
I picked up a hussy last night and gave her the ole angry pirate.
by Sai H. January 27, 2007
Girl is giving you blowjob but you tell her you don't want to finish her mouth (play the nice guy angle). Instead, you hold her head close as you finish in her eye (right eye preferable). As she stumbling around like a drunken hobo, you kick her in the shins really hard. As you're running away, peek over your left shoulder. If you've done everything right, you should see an angry pirate!
Yargh! I gave your sister the old angry pirate last night!
That hummer I got from my gf y'day was sooooooo amazing, I squirted in her face by accident. Then to cover it up I gave her an angry pirate.
by Timbck June 22, 2014
The face you make in a picture taken when you are to drunk to remember or to drunk to care that you shouldn't be in the picture anyways.
-Did You drink last night?

-Oh yeah, check out my angry pirate face on facebook.
by Charlie Hustle II November 27, 2010

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