When you're fuckin a chick, pull it out and shoot it in her eye and then kick her in the shin. She then limps around the room covering her eye.
I was doin this chick the other night and I made her an angry pirate.
by Pipes March 16, 2004
when a girl/guy is suckin u off and b4 u busts in their mouth u pull it out and get them in the eye, then u kick out their knee or shin so they hop and get pissd. they may also make angry noises
Travis Kaiser was suckin off his boyfriend Chris and Chirs pull out his Penis and shot Travis in the eye and then kickd him in the shin. Travis then started to hop on 1 leg and make grunting noises...huns the angry pirate
by Trevnasty February 12, 2008
To ejaculate in one's eye and simultaneously stomp on their foot. The subject will hop on one leg covering their eye saying "Arrgh"
I picked up a hussy last night and gave her the ole angry pirate.
by Sai H. January 27, 2007
1. A man eating SHRUB commonly found in YOUR BACK YARD.

2. When you are getting a blow job... and you cum in her eye and kick her in the SHIN

Definitions 1 + 2

-Son: DAD! Look at that ANGRY PIRATE. i think it's coming for you!!!!


Definition 3.

-team 3:Blown'd
by Kixk toppa hata in your balls January 21, 2008
When you blow your load in the girls eye and then kick her in the shin so she screams and hops around on one leg.
Jenna was very poor at giving a blow job so when I was ready to blow I gave her an angry pirate.
by Lunchmen February 24, 2009
the girl's balls deep in you, and you pull out and nut in her eye, she quickly puts her hand over it (similar to an eyepatch) then you stomp on her foot and she bounces around on one leg going arrrrrrg! arg! arg! (similar to a pirate with an eyepatch and a peg leg)

If you really want to go for the K-O, try combining it with the philly-fakeout
it's pretty self explainitory. Do the angry pirate
by daveissolame April 01, 2007
When your girls givin you head and you pull it out of her mouth and jizz in her eye then kick her in the knee.
Last night i gave that whore an angry pirate becuase she charged me double the usual price.
by jeff from fpc February 25, 2006
all the women i know swallow,it is only when they swap with bad co-ordination you get the blink,this of course can be registered in the male brain(75% slower than a womens) as an indication of sexual ectasy where apon they usually give the sperm recipent a black eye with the nearest ball which normally swinging at a rate of knots.
mylastrequest response to the angry pirate definition
by mylastrequest June 25, 2009
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