As your ejaculating into your womans mouth during oral sex you punch both of her eyes making her look like a raccoon. After the punch you run out her house and knock her garbarge cans down.
That slut was scraping so I gave her an Angry Raccoon!
by Jubby72 April 08, 2011
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When banging a girl from behind, you stick both your pointer fingers in her ass, and when she turns around in shock, you take your shitty fingers and circle around her eyes, making the appearance of a raccoon. Then you run out of the house, knocking over the trash can on the way out.
After a visit to the zoo, I felt compelled to give my girl the angry raccoon.
by Fantasy Frank Tank September 16, 2008
n. The act of violently kicking a girl's trash cans over the morning after sex...then yelling "The Angry Raccoon, bitch!!!!"
Hey man, Jessica was a fuckin bitch after I fucked her this morning so I got all pissed and gave her the Angry Raccoon on the way out of her place. She's got trash all over her kitchen, bathroom, and driveway! I booted that can halfway down the street!
by topdet408 February 28, 2008

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