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1) You need a slim, straight dark haired, tan or bronze skinned hottie.
2) You need to make love to her doggy style
3) You need to have a long feather.

As you bring you partner to climax you insert the feather into her love cheerio. As she is moaning in orgasmic delight and surprised anger you grab her by the hair and shove her face into a pillow or the bed then quickly pull her back up. Repeat this move as many times as possible. The broken-up moans mimic the sound of a stereotypical Indian. There you have it, one angry pocahontas
"This little hottie took me back to her place last night. So I'm bone'en her doggy style and just as she's cum'in I notice a feather stick'in outa her down comforter. I couldnt resist, I had to give her the angry pocahontas. Man once she stopped shaken she chased me all over the apartment with a pocket knife."
by Moonpie Eater August 24, 2008
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