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An Angry Pirate is when you whip out your dick and splooge into a girls eye and then kick her in one knee. She will then come after you on one leg with one eye out like a Pirate.

See also Angry Penguin
You gave your girlfriend an Angry Pirate last night.
by Binary Nation September 12, 2004
13 28
After banging a girl in her tight pussy, ass and finally her mouth, Shoot your sperm rocket in her eye. When she says arggghhhh kick her in the shin and say "I just gave you and angry pirate!!!"
After fucking Stephanie in every hole, I pulled out of her tight pussy and shot a sperm rocked in her right eye. She instead of saying arggghhh, said what the fuck, so I kicked her in her shin and slapped her in the ass and ran away.
by I bang tight pussy June 30, 2004
13 28
When you're fucking a girl in the ass and you spit on her back and she turns around because she thinks you came on her back and you jizz in her eye and kick her hard in the leg so then she stands up holding her leg and covering her eye like an angry pirate.
Ryan was tired of fucking Jen so he gave her an angry pirate.
by Flavva Flav February 11, 2005
39 57
When you are getting head from a girl and before you cum you shoot your jizz in her eye so she covers her eye and makes an arrrrrgh sound. then you kick her in the shin so she's hopping. then lastly you bend one of her index fingers so she has a hook. no here's the point where you laugh and leave.
i shot this girl all in her eye and kicked her hard in the leg and bent her finger and laughed hysterically she thought it was mean.
by chris February 25, 2005
6 25
When receiving a blow job, the receiver blows their load into the giver's eye, causing the giver to grimace, put their hand over their eye (like a patch), and scream, "Argh!"
She was going down on me and I waited until the last second to tell her I was about to come. As she pulled away, I got her in the eye and she looked like an Angry Pirate.
by Midgets Are Cool January 12, 2004
4 23
While this is a fun sport, I advise you all not to perform the angry prirate on female law students; it will not work out all that well for you in the end.
I gave this girl in my class an angry pirate and now she is suing me for an intentional tort.
by caffeine92109 February 28, 2006
13 34
The act of recieving head, but just before you ejaculate, you pull out and shoot it in her eye. Then you proceed to pull out some of her pubes, throw them on her face, and then kick her in the shins, thus making her hobble around on one leg whilst screaming aggg. She will without doubt be angry, thus making her an angry pirate.
One day i gave this chick a dirty-pirate. i laughed.
by Fast Pirate May 01, 2005
13 34