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Being duped YET AGAIN by Steve Jobs into buying one of his awesome-looking-but-otherwise-crap products (ie. the iPod), paying the equivalent of your first born just to get the damn accessories that you need to have or else your product would screw up (ie. wall charger for iPod, it lengthens the battery life apparently...or have I been duped AGAIN?), then having it screw up a couple months after, then facing their CRAP customer service representatives (even though they claim it's #1) who tell you that they lost your iPod while repairing it one moment, and the next moment tell you it's on backorder...then finally getting the damn thing back after six friggin weeks.

True story, it happened to me, unfortunately.
I was more than angry at apple for having unbelievably shitty service and products.
by *afterthought.cjb.cc* July 21, 2006

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Emotion experienced by nearly all iPod users and Mac owners. Not to be confused with the emotion felt by Mac gamers
Man 1: Omfg, I'm so angry at apple.
Man 2: You own an iPod.
by Michael Mendoza June 11, 2006