v. anglin, angle, angling
v. intr.

To flirt, court or flatter an individual.

To openly seek after a specific indiviual in a sexual manner.

To cast out specific information in hopes of realing in an individual as done in fishing.
That dude Corey be anglin on Sam for minutes and minutes.

Corey: Hey Sam!
Sam: oh hey Corey ...
Corey: wanna cyber
Sam: Wtf how did he get in this AIM convo
Corey: WTF!
by Sekrat August 15, 2005
Top Definition
Trying to pull some cooter. From angling, the thing that fishermen do.
What are you doing tonight, bro?
Going to PB to go anglin. Hotties gonna be all over this steeze. Dip dip derp.
by Bruce August 15, 2005
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