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1. Original secret service code name given to the former Vice President of the United States, Richard "Dick" Cheney (subsequently changed to "angler").

2. Valve at the end of a train car that shuts off the flow of pressurized air in the car and in the air hoses between the cars. This allows the hoses to be uncoupled. An angle cock assembly consists of the angle cock, a threaded pipe called a "nipple," cock brackets, and a U-bolt.

Secret Service Agent: Angle cock just shot me in the face. I repeat. Angle cock just shot me in the face.

Cheney: Go f*ck yourself.


"He was working on a caboose with an angle cock that was allegedly defective. Later that day, in preparation for a switching operation, he attempted to release the air in the brake system by turning the angle cock. He testified that, because the angle cock was stiff, he had to use excessive force to loosen it." Erskine v. Consolidated Rail Corp., 814 F.2d 266 (6th Cir. 1987)
by FuckYouThatsWho June 07, 2009
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