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The most beautiful girl in the world. She's a talented violinist. Alot of people hate on her, but she continues on with her true friends that stand by her. Any guy that gets with her better know that they have the best. She deserves the best even if she may not get it. She's broken hearts but they didn't deserve her. She's still searching for her true love.
Girl 1: Angelica is such a b****, I hate her

Girl 2: *Slaps her* B****, don't talk about my bestie like that.
by Fluffy D. June 25, 2011
The most outstanding, smart and beautiful character from "Rugrats" and "All grown up" shows which were aired on Nickelodeon. Totally gorgeous girl with blonde hair and sexy voice.
- Hello, who is your idol?
- Jesus Christ, and yours?
- My idol is Angelica Pickles. I always act like she.
by Shabbat_Shalom April 23, 2008
Angelica is a great friend who will always stick with you through thick and thin. Even though she may not realize it, she is beautiful. She is very intelligent and funny, too! Angelica also ALWAYS has boys at her doorstep, wanting some sugar ;D
Angelica is super smart! If you have a question, ask her!

Hey, did you know (so-and-so) pulled an Angelica on me last night? She talked to me all night so I could forget all about my terrible break-up!
by Besties4Lyfee August 14, 2011
A Very Very beautiful girl with a fantastic aura. Little Miss Clever over here, who acts like she knows a lot, and she really does. One of the most open-minded people you will ever have the fortune to meet. Energetic, with sexy hair and an even sexier attitude. This girl is one of those rare combos of a person who is truly gorgeous in every way possible. An avid fan of Doctor Who, Sherlock, Supernatural and a bunch of other shows that display her good taste in television, she connects instantly with members of her fandoms. This Girl will grow up to do amazing, amazing, amazing things. Those in her presence are extremely fortunate to have such a dazzling friend.
Happy Birthday, Angelica!
by Ramen-Hair January 17, 2013
a beautiful italian girl with brown hair. shes the sweetest person you will ever meet, and is never rude to anyone. ever. its sometimes humanly impossible how sweet she is. shes engaged to someone who loves her very much. also, she understands the importance of texting back and will listen to your problems any time you have them. and then tell you what to do about it.
"did you see Maddies best friend?"
"yeah shes an angelica"
by angelicosfiance December 21, 2011
1. A nice beautiful brunette girl with blue eyes.
-All the guys like her.
-Extremly attractive.
-A great friend.
-Popular and has lots of friends.
-Not into sports.
-Can be a bitch.
EXAMPLE: That girl is such an Angelica .
by jennifer angelina March 07, 2009
a sweetheart with an immense crush on the southern-american band kings of leon. because of her awesome friends she's got all their merchandise (except their cds, ironically, and some posters i believe). quite frankly this is only one of her countless addictions and they're increasing every day.

she's always good for a laugh and if you're not intimidated by someone who almost constantly makes a scene and a is a tsunami of swagger, you should defintely get to know her.
"OMG! KINGS OF LEON WON A GRAMMY!" *in tears* - angelica
by kay to the zee February 05, 2010