A female who is very special a nympho or sorts. She is very horny and wants to ride large disco sticks.. Most compatible with a Luke, since most Luke's have a small in length but large in diameter penis. It makes an Angel feel like falling on a fence post.
That Angel is sure a nympho. Maybe that guy Luke should sex her up with that small but round penis.
by Dr. Bill E Mayes March 02, 2010
An attention whore that always begs you to scratch her ass and takes up the entire bed. Usually a single mother that's hairy all over and will get jealous and sulk whenever you take attention from the guy she's sucking up to, even if he's technically YOUR boyfriend.

Not to be confused with Angel "Cora", a delightfully ticklish piece of eye candy.
"So, yesterday; I was cuddling with my boyfriend as usual, and Angel takes THAT as her cue to jump on the bed in-between us and DEMAND we both drop what we're doing to attend to her EVERY WHIM. Naturally, he pushed her off the bed with his foot."

"Fuck, I can't even type this example without her getting all up in my space bar! GO AWAY."

"Stop petting Angel so much! Look, now her hair's stuck all over the bed."
by TheCorty June 21, 2012
the biggest dick lick in the school always annoying never gets the point loves to hump Sergio .

Loves to hide behind his hands and walls.
Is extremely gay loves to butt plug in the ass and the face
Damn dude if Angel goes to that party I'm not down to go.
Damn dude if angel comes to my house he's gonna butt plug me in the ass
angel fucking hiding behind the wall and his hands again
by suck my cunt June 01, 2011
When white and skinny beautiful but if black ugly with titzillas digusting
I was at the bus stop the other day when angel walked by the whole block cleared out
by awesomedruma January 19, 2013
Horny teenage boy
Never date an Angel he just wants to get it in
by Karla Fitzgerald September 29, 2011
a hindu that has a dot on his head usally red runs for long distances a man whore who like dogs likeing his balls
yo look at the angel over their
by marcus vinci May 08, 2010
girl with a HUGE ass!
that girl is a angel
by hellya123 March 24, 2010

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