Someones name can be angel but it doesn't mean there an angel.

They can be someone everyone likes or someone every one hates.

The person by the name angel can be a sweetheart or a real jerk.

Angel can be a nice person or a mean person.

Angel is just a name.

Someone by the name of angel can be totally different from a real angel.

Some people that are named angel tend to act the opposite.

can be the best friend you could ever or a good fiend.

Could be someone who is nice and kind and would do anything for there friends.

Depends on the person really
Depends on the person by the name angel
by AngelBaby<3 February 03, 2010
1. The girl who make every one crack a smile as she enters

2. A girl who loves even when the person won't love back

3. The girl who is willing to take a bullet for a friend

4 the girl one girl who will cry with her friend to make them feel better
That girl is Angel.
by Kawaii_girl_named_pink February 20, 2015
Very fun and outgoing . Likes adventure and love . Lust is his weakness .

Most likely to parish in a automobile involved accident .

Is the best person to meet and to hangout with .
Gets broken very easily .
Is that Angel ?
Like a star in the day yes !
by Jdm_fatboii July 03, 2014
-Will usually have a very large penis and great stamina
Wow there's another angel with a huge penis
by Issac frost September 28, 2011
A guardian. a strong, generally masculine name, also now feminine. will protect and defend the ones they love. Most are either kind and sweet, or rotten and nasty.
a guardian angel watches over you
by g!nger July 14, 2010
extremely cute
amazingly awesome
beautiful af
wow shes so Angel
Angel is extremely Angel
by Shootingmaniac January 21, 2016
Someone with nice brown eyes, athletic, amazing and such a good friend. Buff, gotta nice figure, takes the best selfies,
Who's that girl with brown eyes
It's properly Angel
by yourrbaee October 26, 2014
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