the most amazing person in the world. i love how he makes me laugh even when im upset..he's incredibly cute and sweet.... i love his sarcasm..and when he rolls his eyes cause apparently i say alot of weird stuff -__- he's simply love-able and an angel. i love his dirty mind. he has an amazing taste in music and everything thats why he lives in my walls...and bed :D HE'S THE DEFINITION OF ADORABLE. he's also good at reading minds. i love how he looks when he's wearing blue..or black..or idk anything :D his rutgers TOP isnt red, its orange. his smile is perfect. i really dont know how to define angel..words are so unfair.
-hillary duff: omg who's that? he's so beautiful...get off me you jerk*talks to her husband* i want HIM.
-another girl: omg leave him alone b**ch he's mine .. i mean soon to be mine.. ;]
-jeffree star: i wanna suck you ;]
-chris crocker: hey jef! you're trippin...that pretty boy is all mine >:
-britney spears: DAYYUM can i touch you? *touches angel* "ouch" so HOT!
-me: MOVE HOES..he doesnt like you. NOT THAT I CARE IF HE DOES. :D
by sparklinpokemon August 24, 2010
A person who will be your best friend, who is sweet and kind and will take care of you even if you get a little cold,

a person who will beat other people up when they make her best friend cry.
Angel is a person who couldn't hurt you in any ways whatsoever.

Who will love you from the earth and back.

Who loves K-Pop more then you!
She is truly an Angel.
Angel is very sweet and kind.
by SammieSammich October 21, 2013
Someones name can be angel but it doesn't mean there an angel.

They can be someone everyone likes or someone every one hates.

The person by the name angel can be a sweetheart or a real jerk.

Angel can be a nice person or a mean person.

Angel is just a name.

Someone by the name of angel can be totally different from a real angel.

Some people that are named angel tend to act the opposite.

can be the best friend you could ever or a good fiend.

Could be someone who is nice and kind and would do anything for there friends.

Depends on the person really
Depends on the person by the name angel
by AngelBaby<3 February 03, 2010
A really cute\hot boy,teases you a lot but doesn't mean it seriously,someone who makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside,every girl has a crush on him,perfect boyfriend.☺
Girl 1:He is so cute
Girl 2:I know,his name must be Angel. 👼
by Directioner143 November 20, 2013
(1) One who is sweet and considerate towards others. They are self-less in decisions and try to do what is best for others.

(2) A guardian. A valient protector and warrior.
(Person 1 to Person 2) : Wow, you are an angel
by Mas_que_un_vencedor January 10, 2013
The only way to describe her, is her amazing talents. Her smiles, and hair, her beauty. She's the bestest friend EVER, and no one could replace her. So what if she doesn't think she's perfect? She is, she just doesn't realize it.
Angel: I'm not perfect...
Me: Yeah. You are.
by Diana Lighten November 27, 2011
-Will usually have a very large penis and great stamina
Wow there's another angel with a huge penis
by Issac frost September 28, 2011

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