Messengers of God. They are not a figment of creative minds, they are VERY real. Angels were created by God to protect, serve and communicate to people for purposes according to God’s will. The Bible mentions angels numerous times:

1. Angels were around sometime before the creation of the universe and one-third of them rebelled against God, led by Lucifer (Satan), and cast out of heaven to end up on the Earth

2. the angel Gabriel appeared to Mary to announce she was expecting the Christ Child

3. Angels appeared in the rural countryside to announce Jesus's birth to the shepards in Luke chapter 2

4. angels appeared at the garden tomb to announce the resurrection of Jesus

5. Angels will be present at judgement day to cast nonbelievers into the Lake of Fire

6. The Bible says Angels come to escort believers into heaven upon death, and other passages in scripture where they appear.

7.The Bible also teaches that angels are so numerous that they cannot be counted. There are numerous legions of them and several legions alone that surround the Throne of God to worship him. Jesus told his disciples while he was being arrested that, "Know ye not I could send a legion of angels from my Father to rescue me?"

The Bible specifically tells us that we need to be cautious of our behavior and what we do because we could be “entertaining an angel.” Our images of angels often give them wings (some have six according to the Bible) and a hallow. Contrary to popular belief, dead believers do NOT become angels. Angels and people are totally different according to the scriptures. Satan is an angel believe it or not BUT a fallen one. His deamons are among the one-third who rebelled against God and cast out of heaven.

Angels are not a figment of imaginations at the time of the European Rennneisance. They are very real.
Angels are messengers of God, created to fulfill a specific purpose assigned by God.
by krock1dk December 20, 2007
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The girl who makes your heart jump when she enters the room.
The girl who breaks it as she leaves.

The girl you'll need for a long time, wherever you go.
That girl is my angel.
by loao March 07, 2005
-A guardian spirit or guiding influence.
-A kind and lovable person.
-One who manifests goodness, purity, and selflessness.
-Someone with such a pure soul, who brightens the earth, and people around them.
Tony Vincent
An Angels voice, An Angels touch, An angels soul, just a real Angel at heart, so loving and kind, and beautiful.
by ilovetony August 01, 2005
a person that you can truly love and trustl sweet, kind, caring, quiet, calm, mellow. He/She is amazing in every way, and in your eyes, there is no one better. You may either be best friends with him/her and/or fall in love with him/her. Find an angel; find a friendship, fall in love. You will never forget them.
Friend: So, that's your angel, huh?
You: Yeah, I think I'm in love.
Friend: That's great. There is no better person for you.
by TheBaby#1 November 02, 2007
The perfect boyfriend; someone who will stay on the phone with you just because, someone who opens doors for you, someone who makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside whenever you're near them. They generally tease you a lot. But you never care.
i love my angel so much
by 68sm September 26, 2009
1. A person's name, originally masculine but now also feminine. In the strictess sense means messenger, but also due to mythology connotes a heavenly creature.

2. Angel can also be used as a term of endearment, meaning someone who is a sweetheart.

3. In modern day mythology an angel is typically seen as a benevolent celestial being sent by god as a intermediary between heaven and earth. Often as a guardian spirit.

4. The name of a popular TV spin off of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
1. Angel is my friend.

2. You're such an angel.

3. Carol believes that her Aunt is now a guardian angel.

4. The TV show Angel comes on early in the morning where I live.
by OneBadAsp October 21, 2006
Because the word ‘perfection’ has been greatly dumbed down to being very subjective; meaning it is heavily influenced by an individual’s personal feelings and opinions, the word ‘angel’ is used to exceed and surpass the mediocrity that is ‘perfection’. The word ‘angel’ is a collective of many annotations and messages, resulting in being the highest form of praise, sentiment and compliment an individual can receive. Definitions include; but are not limited to: A person who uncritically and indefensively accepts another individual regardless of faults and past delinquencies, a person who illuminates the universe with their elegance, and a person whose beauty is unrivaled.
She's an angel
by 1ules May 22, 2013
1. a girl who can brighten up the worst day with only a smile.

2. a girl who can make life bearable only with the sound of her voice.

3. a girl who will go through so much, more than anybody else to show you that she loves you unconditionally.

4. the girl who you have come to love and cannot, would not, and will not let go no matter what life throws at you.
"I wish my Angel never had to suffer for me."
"Although there are so many reasons to leave me, my Angel has stuck by my side because of her incomparable love for me."
"and for that reason I have come to a realization that, on my journey to the top, my Angel is the only one that I will need to take with me."
"I will be completely lost without you, Angel."
"I love you, Angel, in a way I have never loved you before."
by mike joy June 28, 2008
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