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wonderfully done manga by an equally wonderful Kaori Yuki. The manga has a bunch of taboos....like incest but is still awesome in its own respects
I read the last volume of angel sanctuary last night...
by mp066712 May 21, 2005

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A very nice manga that was partially turned into anime, although as usual, the anime wasn't nearly as good as the manga... For those that think the anime sucked... read the manga... your opinion will definitely change...
I guess no examples can be given on this matter...
by Just someone May 11, 2005
A very short anime where the main character wants to have sex with his sister and succeeds by the 3rd episode. Apparently he is also the female "Organic Angel Alexial" reincarnated as well.

Disturbingly well done for how rediculous its themes are, but impossible to take seriously.
Angel Sanctuary is fucked up.
by AllUltima February 18, 2005