Used in many different games when comitting suicide. Mostly used in UT2004.
Player had an aneurysm.
by Mr. Biatch Owner! May 05, 2005
Top Definition
a permanent abnormal blood-filled dialation of a blood vessel resulting from disease of the vessel wall, A blood vessel weakness that causes bleeding in the brain or a bulging of the wall of an artery, vein, or wall of the heart.
When the teacher told the students about a very complicated hypothesis they all had an aneurysm.
by Mr. Biatch Owner! May 05, 2005
Dialatation of an artery caused by weakening of its wall through disease.
"If I do that again, I'll have an aneurysm."
by DiiKaBaKa January 25, 2004
One of Nirvana's most underrated songs. Found on both albums, Hormoaning and Incesticide, as well as the live album From The Muddy Banks OF The Wishkah, this song is a must have in any version you can find. Also listen to it on the numerous traders live albums, such as 'Suicide Solution?'.
Sample of Aneurysm lyrics:

Come on over and do the twist, uh-huh.
Overdo it and have a fit, uh-huh.
by Random Affiliate September 27, 2006
Whenever someone throws a huge fit or melts down in front of people due to a circumstance previously brought up.
"Steve just had an aneurysm"
"What over?"
"Someone said that he sucked at teaching.. not a good idea."
by Cheeseman23 April 04, 2015
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