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Any how. Used as a transition to something else, when the person can't usuall get you to talk about what they want to talk about.
-And that's how I got laid with your girlfriend yesterday.
I see, aneehoo, did you play Halo ever?
by Your Ass September 28, 2003
anyway, anyhow
"annehoo, that is not what i believe"
by prince charles September 27, 2003
(1)the transitional statement used when a conversation has been exhausted of its interest. (2) the call for a change of subject.
by webster September 29, 2003
Although a colloquial form of "anyhow" the actual definition is "anyway," used to end or switch subjects in a conversation. Usually used by white women above teenage.
"So, like, blahblabhblah and I'm the most fu*king boring annoying bitch on earth."
"Anyhoo, bye."
by daddy September 28, 2003
it means lets get on to the next subject...i dont want to talk about this anymore
"Yeah i know you fucked my girlfriend...But aneehoo what did you do today?
by Tom September 28, 2003
it is a way of saying "anyway, moving on to another subject"
Person 1: "My mum has a moustache!"
Person 2: ".....aneehoo, What is the homework?"
by Fagelbagel September 29, 2003