Someone who is very attractive.
Girl 1 is that andrew
Girl 2 omfg he is so hot

Girl 1 I just want to make out with him
Girl 2 has has the best body
by Steph189732 March 21, 2013
Someone who is cute, funny, and sweet.

He seems like the perfect catch but is really an asshole.

He is somewhat shy and is inexperienced when it comes to relationships, which stops him from wanting one.
Girl 1: I really like Andrew

Girl 2: You shouldn't!

Girl 1: Why not?

Girl 2: He's gonna break your heart
by abd528 November 29, 2014
Andrew: I'm the fucking shit.
Friend: Dude go brush your teeth, that much salt can cause burns
by Andrewsgirls September 30, 2013
Those with the name Andrew are the biggest sweethearts you will ever meet. They are kind, caring, and very loving, especially to those they consider dear to them. Loyal, incredibly smart, and funny, Andrews are one of the best people to have as a close friend. They are usually tall, athletic, and fairly average looking. Andrews have kind eyes and a smile that will melt your heart. They make the best friends and boyfriends, being that one person you can tell anything to. A bit shy and quiet, but their kind personalities overrule any flaws. People with the name Andrew are also extremely trustworthy and can always find a way to make you laugh until you cry. They will comfort you when you're sad or upset and always be there for you. You can always count on an Andrew for anything.
That guy is the biggest sweetheart I know, he's such an Andrew.

Did you see that Andrew today? He made me laugh so hard.
by CarReeRee September 20, 2013
A new type of penguin. Also a fairly common name found in the United States of 'MURRICA! 'Angie' is the general use of the word regarding females.
'Hey, did you see Andrew at the zoo today?'
"sure thing, that little penguin sure was penguinny!'
by iborche May 29, 2013
The asshole you met and started dating, then slept with and found out he is married with 2 kids. Beware, he seems like the nicest, sweetest guy ever and is HOT AF, but don't trust him.
"OMG! Andrew didn't tell you he is married?? What a douche bag"
by Accidental Other Women May 07, 2012
A sweet cute adorable guy who treats his girlfriend like a princess and who is VERY hot & a athlete and is, in most cases, sexy! Everyone loves an Andrew! ;)
Girl 1: your dating Andrew? Damn I'm really jealous.

Boy 1: Damn Andrew can spike that ball hard!
by Amplover777 April 26, 2011
incredibly amazing, & handsome, the sweetest guy ever not a jerk, nor a player, nice at heart but will knock you the eff out, every girl will want to be with him, but he only has on girl on his mind, he is very dedicated and very brave, better than the typical prince charming, andrew can make your dreams come true. <3
girl: oh my gosh did you see that boy andrew?
girl2: YES yes i did.. but hes taken by carrie
girl: man she is so lucky id give anything for him
carrie: well i didnt give him my heart, he stole it & its the best thing that ive ever had stolen. <3
by goobur April 13, 2011

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