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A hot soccer player whose slutty side tends to come out the most when he wears khakis. Loves to quote Fergie and names his playlists after Spanish men, however Juan is his favorite. Andrew will occasionally request irrational actions of his xbox, especially while consuming his favorite Cheesecake. His favorite types of women are scottish sluts who don't wear any underwear. Andrew Araneo is a great snuggler and pillow to lie on except his pet peeve is hair in his face... better shave your hair ladies, although then his flow will beat yours! He's got got a witty sense of humor and a way with words. He is also a fast on his feet... but only in SOME situations ;) These rare and hard to find Andrew's are definitely the one's worth keeping around especially if they buy you cookies and watch gossip girl!
Andrew Araneo: the next David Beckham.
by ScottishSlut101 January 15, 2014
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