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An Aboslute pro, a scarface of pot, an adonis, and above all, all of the above. Dann Boeing and Zaphod Beeblebrox would approve.
Man I can drink a whole can of motor oil without ill effects! I'm such an Andre!
by ScarfaceOfPot September 28, 2010
98 14263
A very sexy brazilian person that lives in Texas.Has sex with hot girls all the time. People wish they were him.
Man that dude is such an Andre!
by insane soccer player March 14, 2009
52 14237
A sexy Colombian/Puerto Rican teen. Has a twin and loves art. Andre loves red and sheep. Hes the sexiest creature alive on this planet. Many know him as "Sexy" or "Spaz". His birthdate is July 13, 1992.

Beware of Andre, ladies. He's a shmexybeast!

Omg did u see Andre? He is like the finest thing EVER!

Omg look at Andre, he's so sexy the way he walks and gives all the ladies that "look".

Dammmn.. I think I'm gay now, just looking at that fine human being named Andre.
by Spaaaaaaaz February 10, 2009
75 14288
An amazing guy who will just make your hear skip a beat everytime you see him. Hes good to his girls and and always knows what to say to make them smile. I love Andre Reinero
look at that Andre!
by brookyx0cookie November 14, 2009
121 14336