Meaning "princess"-often leo's or cancers. Very athletic and amazingly hot.And almost everyone has bown hair.
guy#1:wow that girl was hot and a good kisser
guy#2:do you know her name?
guy#1: no but most likely it was andrea
guy#2: true dat
by Anida November 12, 2006
The sweetest, coolest, best looking person ever. She is a really good friend and a really good lover. Probably the best person ever known. She is someone to be remembered. A person not to mess with cause she'll make you feel don't test her. She is good at everything and loves being a mother....She especially loves hanging out with cool people that start with the name if your name starts with L and you know an Andrea you guys are pretty much best should get to know an Andrea because you will be SO happy you did.
" your being such an ANDREA, and I love it"
by tbtbac February 03, 2010
The most wonderful guy in the world. Should be loved and worshipped always. Goes well with Zoe's. Has a fondness for semi-colons.
Oh! Andreas he's wonderful!
by ola! March 15, 2009
A sexy beast you is a hottie and all the girls love him!!
Andreas asks a girl out she says "YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS"
by Sex toy March 22, 2007
the most seriously kick-ass and vain man ever but in a very good way, we should all hope to be as vain as him, in the same funny way.

If you were not called Andreas you probably wanted to be.
Andreas is father to urban writer and he is a great guy, generally amazing.
by Toothpaste Salad January 22, 2009
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