A super fly chick.
Dayyyyyyum! Who's that yummy hunny bunny lookin so fly?

Oh, that's just Andi. She's my baby so find your own! If you think you can..
by get the hint scram sam August 02, 2011
Top Definition
a girl who's fun, rules all guys on video games and is very nice.
"wow andi, you kicked my ass beating down that master chief! you rule me."
by the harry beast of all May 12, 2009
Short for the name Amanda.
Very crazy, sexy girl who often has a lot of guy friends.
Has many strange mental issues but is overall an amazingly fun person to be around.
WARNING: Don't Mess With an Andi or Her Friends Cause She'll Fuck You Up.
Her name is Amanda but he calls her Andi.
You can always count on Andi to hang with the guys.
It won't be a party until Andi gets here!
I really hate that guy but he's friends with Andi so there's not much I can do.
by Anonymous29 December 23, 2008
The one and only girl of your dreams. She is the one girl that will keep you from sleeping at night because you can not get her out of your mind. Beautiful, caring, goofy, hysterical, and most of all, a smile that is irresistible. Such a smile can only lead yourself to smile. When you lock eyes with her, know that unlocking your gaze is next to impossible. When you hold her in your arms, you can't help but feel warm all over. Once she falls asleep, you witness the true meaning of beauty. Her physical and emotional attraction can not be matched. It is only until you part with her that you truly understand the phrase, "absence makes the heart grow fonder."
See Andi over there? One day she is going to be mine.
by Om Inte Nu När December 31, 2013
An awesome super fashionable girl who always starts the latest trends. She is friendly and kind to every one!! She is also super smart! Over all anyone can be friends with andi! P.s she is very loud!
***Jennifer: Ya me and andi just went to the movies last night she is super fun to hang out with!
by Little me March 28, 2013
The best person ever. Shes supper duper crazy. Shes a slut but when the time comes shes that best fucking friend you could ever have. Shes also the master of the art of flirting when ever a hot guys comes in her sight.
Damn, Andi you know I called dibs on him and your already throwing yourself at him.
That is such an andi thing to do...
by cheerleader123456789 June 05, 2011
High maintenance, needy, thirsty, overall ho.
"Damn dude she's so Andi."
by Patrickth1 June 13, 2016
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