Stating the obvious... A tagline
My wife came home and said "You're High"... AND PUNT!
by StephMill September 06, 2007
Based on the saying in American football when a team fails on a third down conversion. In slang, 'and punt' is used as a segue in conversation. It's a way to change the topic of a conversation.
We've talked about this political fiasco long enough, so let me just say that politicians are lying two-faced doucebags...and punt!
by amerikanidle September 06, 2007
a rip on someone for saying something stupid.
And punt! Jim said to everyone, after his idiot friend made another pointless comment.
by Sven Thames September 05, 2007
Reminds me to change the radio station to something other than the Maxwell Show on WMMS.
1. "And punt" - station moves up a notch.
by SPD October 11, 2007

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