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A beautiful green eyed woman. She has hair as silky as the sea, and the voice as calm as the summer air in the late afthernoon. She is loved by many and has a kind heart. The only bad thing about her is that when she is mad, she gets mad and you better give her some space to let her cool down. Besides that, she is a gift from Heaven and she will one day see her Father.
Dan: Did you see Anastasia?
Marcus: Yah, she is the most kindest person I have ever met.
by Sheena Roxx February 11, 2011
Anastasia's are the sweetest girls you'll ever meet. They seem to have anxiety over not being good enough, even though they are really beautiful and funny. Anastasia's always know exactly what to say to someone to pick up there spirits. They have a very high skill at keeping others secrets a secret. Anastasia's have many friends and love to hangout with them. Anastasia's are the best friends you could ever have.
"Who is that beautiful girl"


"Oh that makes sense"
by NoahS12345 November 01, 2013
Usually a sandy blonde, with greeny blue eyes. always there for others and will always tell you the truth if you ask her. good at keeping secrets but you have to tell her that its a secret or she will think that you don't mind. doesn't have a best friend just alot of good friends. doesnt have an obvious beauty but when you look at her she is very pretty. self concious but not afraid to be herself and speak her mind. alot of fun to be around, but holds pain and sadness inside her so dont be afraid to ask whats on her mind.
"wow she's alot of fun to be around!"
"must be an Anastasia"
by coolmate April 03, 2013
A hot russian girl which loves blonde spray to make her hair look more blonde. She loves everything that has to do with make up but mostly she loves parfume. She cares about what she dresses and likes high heels. Eventhough she loves all of this, she loves Sarina the most, since 7th grade she tries to find out a way to fuck her.
Anastasia Sarina hot russian blonde spray blonde parfume high heels
by PinkPussy November 15, 2010