gayest fucking game in the whole world. i feel sad for the bunch of gay losers who play taht game, yea all of them. in no way will there ever be a loser/bitch/fag/everything else-packed-game like this. the dousches u play wit in that game are all losers and at least 60 years old and sex crazed perverts, also disguising themselves as a female character. 100% of the whole population in this game no exceptions... wanna argue bitches? ill give u a million other reasons ur a faggot playing that game
look im so fucking cool by going on my little raids and then making a bunch of homo smiley faces then spinning around and wasting my whole life becuz im get made fun of every day by little 5 year old kids being a loser that i am.
by flipboi63 October 17, 2004
Top Definition
Anarchy Online is the most similar experience to real life that any MMORPG can produce.
Player 1: I'm very poor, Anarchy Online has a terrible economy!
Player 2: Alas, I am poor as well!
Elite player: STFU N00bs, d0n't B3g!!!
by rob bob silly willy ding dong January 02, 2006
This is an online game played by hundreds of thousands of people. It may not be as huge as World of Warcraft but it is a lot more mature. Shame that the GMs let down the game as they are exceptionally dumb and nooby. Even more so than the GMs on WoW. They have no CS service skills unlike the ARKs and are quite rude to the players. There are some nice ones, but not many.

The ARKs who run the CS are in the main part good, BUT their directors are pretty power hungry, and kick ARKs for very little. Would love to see an ingame event whereby the GMs and Directors were strung up and hung from the notum trees, and then deleted. Long live the Greeter.

Anarchy Online is soon going to have a new expansion called Lost Eden, but will it ever arrive and even if it does make an appearance will it boost the sales of AO? I doubt it as people want fantasy genre
Anarchy Online is an MMorpg but the GMs suck
by Esther Hardwick October 24, 2006
Daily activity for nervous, unemployed, gender- confused adult Asian males living in their parental homes in English speaking countries, and Borats living in their home countries.
The game's mechanics afford otherwise meek, ineffectual individuals the unique opportunity to express aggression aided by calculators and arithmetic. Smug online social groups of such players are eroded over time, as some realize that intense social interaction is necessary to develop their skills ingame. These become dismayed by the resemblance to team sports, and eventually quit. But not before giving away their credits in smug, theatrical, and hypocritically time- wasting displays.
Newcomer's Alliance on the Omni side can provide the newcomer with a characteristic and informative experience of Anarchy Online's population and mechanics.
by Baton January 07, 2008
Camping and heckler killing fest.
PvP is broken as intended.
by Drizzle July 12, 2004
A game you do the same quest over and over and over in.
Anarchy Online is an ongoing beta game.
by h4xorl33t May 20, 2003
Wow where to start. I think ill start off by saying this is a game where i get owned all the time in PvP and im a loser, Title Farming Dick ass cock slurping, Cock toting, Fudgepacking, Ass eating Homosalad dick fuck.. Thats right im Mckbinda/Gimpbinda.

Oh and one more thing, The ARKS and GM's in this game are one sided.... They only give support to Omnis, and When clan petitions they get banned
" Wow im a fag homobitch. Hah this awesome, i wanna stick my dick in a big bowl of pudding."
by roflcopter October 29, 2004
a game that is fun until level 50 because then you are doing "missions" over and over instead of fighting mobs
level 200: let's do a mission!

level 198: DAMNET! i've been doing missions since level 50!
by cybersoldier March 16, 2004
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