An oxymoron. A capitalist society cannot be anarchist, simply because wealth equals power. Whenever someone gets rich, he gains power over others, thus effectively nullifying all principles anarchism is predicated upon.
Proponents of anarcho-capitalism and other right-wing libertarians only want the state off their backs so they can exploit the workers even more.
by PoopyPoo September 08, 2005
Top Definition
From 'a' meaning 'without' and 'arch' meaning rulers plus capitalism. In other words capitalism without rulers. Rulers are taken as the state, whilst the term 'capitalism' included is taken to coincide with the liberal definition of capitalism as opposed to the Marxist one. That of freedom only finishing where the freedom of another is curtailed.
Anarcho-capitalism would be like now but without drug prohibition hence without drug gangs; without taxes hence without low wages and economic underperfomance; without the state hence without war.
by Robin d'Hood April 29, 2007
Anarchy and capitalism. A person who believes in the dissolution of government, but adheres to property rights.
An individual who believes in anarcho-capitalism would cringe at the thought of watching a Michael Moore documentary.
by Pirate Rothbard November 06, 2009
A form of Anarchy that encompasses the other kinds of anarchy(even anti-capitalist anarchists can live in communes) so people can associate with who they like. It is natural and therefore free market.
A: I would like to do something that does not harm anyone but is illegal and i don't want to get my rights violated

B:Too bad we have not embraced anarchocapitalism
by nozcik September 21, 2006
An elite unrealistic philosophy theorized by rich white males who live in big McMansions in the suburbs or rural areas. A philosophy that the individual is the ultimate sovereign and all rights come from him. All public services are criminal and should be abolished and privatised, not just highways and schools but also the Courts. If you do not believe in Anarco Capitalism, you will be labeled a "statist". All forms of government from police to the courts are socialist and should be privatised. All of the Founding Fathers were socialist, your local city councilor, firefighter, your sidewalk and anyone who works for the government is a socialist. The police and courts should be done away with and replaced by Private Defense Agencies even though these defense agencies will resemble Kellog Brown and Root, Haliburton and Blackwater USA and will turn into roving death squads similar to those in Iraq and South America when the war breaks out over who gets to use the sidewalk. Once the war over who gets to use the sidewalk is complete and one defense agency remains after executing its competitors and unwilling customers, anarcho capitalism will give way anarcho fascism.
1. Anarcho capitalist to wife: "Honey I am going to the convienence store to buy some defense and court system"

wife: "Pick up some eggs while your there"

2. Just as there are no atheist in fox holes, you don't believe in anarcho capitalism while your house is burning down and (there is no more fire department) with your wife and kids inside while they are being simultaneously raped by local prisioners who broke out of prison because is privatised.
by douche bag fuck May 28, 2009
Otherwise known as free market anarchism. The only political philosophy that offers true freedom in all respects - Both politically, and economically. It entails a lack of formal government combined with a completely free market.
Anarcho-capitalism is the most viable form of anarchism.
by Totallynotaraper September 11, 2011
Anarcho-Capitalism is redundent in using the term "capitalism". With anarchy there is no government...hence no restrictions on capitalism. It's like saying Libertarian who loves freedom, or intelligent genius.
Anarcho-Capitalism promotes a stateless society, where people are unprotected from buying things they might actually want. Anarcho-Capitalism allows employers to pay employees whatever they want...but what's worse is it allows employees to actually accept any wage they want.
by Bucky O'Hare April 22, 2006
The only logical and moral system that can support, sustain and improve human existence as "we" know it. The theory stems from the simple foundation of two fundamental principles: The Non-Aggression Principle and The Principle of Self-Ownership. From these two standpoints, a logical conclusion is drawn that no individual has the right to initiate force against any other individual and that all property rights are derived from the ownership of oneself. Since Anarcho-Capitalism derives its roots from the most moral and logical positions, an argument can never be truly placed against it, for arguing against Anarcho-Capitalism, would imply that the individual is taking ownership over his words (property rights) and that he does not truly believe in violence, or he would otherwise not be discussing the system, but rather be using force to prove his point (Non-Aggression Principle). This is known as the "Hans-Hermann Hoppe's argumentation ethic" and there are many more examples that validate Anarcho-capitalism. Once these simple, logical and objective foundations are understood, the rest of Anarcho-Capitalism follows and a full structure unfolds.

Remember, Freedom, Peace, Voluntary interactions and prosperity!!! Fight Tyranny and live free!
Jack- "But Lou, I just don't get it. Without the government, we would have wars everywhere, terror groups running amok, gangs killing people on the streets, drugs available everywhere! People would be stealing every second without care and armed thugs would come to your door and demand everything at gunpoint! It would be chaos!"

Lou- "Jack, Jack! Calm down! Anarcho capitalism is totally different than what you think! Seriously, I mean, how many wars are we in now? 4-5? Obama and the rest of them aren't any different. The wars are everywhere Jack... Look around. Terror groups growing larger and larger everyday because of US occupation and outright destruction and murder of innocent humans. LA, Chicago, Newark, all filled with drugs and tons of murders every night. The police don't care. The police want to go home and see their family. And we know that kids can get drugs easier than alcohol! And seriously... Armed thugs coming to your house to rob you? What do you think happens every day. Look at what the Federal Reserve is doing to the monetary system. They are stealing from you and me everyday by devaluing the currency. They are literally poisoning the water supply of the economy. The system is rigged Jack... Think about the debt that your children will inherit... They don't deserve it. Think of the hate that people around the world will feel and what that means for our future generations... Do you want that burden on your shoulders?"
by thelightyouseenowwillsetyoufre October 25, 2011
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