Divided into two variants, political idealists and social rejects, the latter of which consists of 12-year-olds who draw symbols on their hands, hate their parents, and randomly use profanities to impress their friends.
Person: Hey, how's it goin'?
by 32xRadian September 20, 2005
An anarchist is someone who does not believe in law, money or government
an anarchist is downloading punk musuic off limewire, his mom comes up to him and says:
MOM:Dont get stuff off limewire, its against the law!
MOM: well we could get fined big money you know!
by Dan Edwards June 24, 2005
A Rebel, one who opposes the government and usually attempts to annoy them with crimes ranging from petty vandalism to terrorist attacks. Also one who is opposed to conforming and beleives in individuality.
Raven finished spraying the word "Anarchy" on the wall and stepped back to admire his handywork. "All out Anarchist man!" said his friend, Wolf. "Now for the real show" said Raven, pulling a pipe bomb from his rooksack.
by Orbett May 05, 2007
people who hate law and authority , some are peacful some are not in my own opinion its better to be a disruptive anarchist lets face it running about like an idiot in a clown outfit isnt gonna stop bush killing people running about smashing windows , looting stores and spraypainting "FUCK THE SYSTEM CLASS WAR" on walls is gonna make an impact THIS IS VERY ILLEGAL DO SO AT YOUR OWN RISK I DO NOT TAKE ANY RESPONSIBILITY

anarchists also hate the police mosly because they hit them with batons (which is sore by the way) but also because there a sign of authority
police:disperse now or we will take further action
anarchist:fuck the police!
(anarchists run at police)
(police put up riot sheilds)
by scottish anarchist April 08, 2006
An anti-authoritarian who is probably more dogmatic in his views than the authoritarians themselves. This person likely struck his roots in the punk community at one time or another and decided that being a "full-time revolutionary" (Leninist concept, btw) was more serious than punk rock. If you attempt to counter their views in front of them, you will likely uncover a fanantic personality type bordering on megalomania (just visit Lawrence, KS's Solidarity collective) and you may feel better about Stalinism upon talking to these idiots. Hard leftists - stay away! You're better just doing stuff on your own.
"They don't like Communists, Socialists, either...Either you're anarchist or you're a class traitor"
by ebato March 09, 2006
The literal definition of Anarchist:
1 : a person who rebels against any authority, established order, or ruling power
2 : a person who believes in, advocates, or promotes anarchism or anarchy; especially : one who uses violent means to overthrow the established order

Note that it does not say sharing like a damn hippy commune.
"I'm an anarchist! Down with George Bush!"
"Oh, you're an anarchist? Riddle me this, you ever blown up a builidng?"
"You ever killed a government official?"
"Um, no."
"You're not a fucking anarchist.
by Trek August 31, 2006
Somebody who writes "Fuck the system" on public transit busses.
The government never does any good for the people. (Proceeds to draw the anarchy symbol on the back of a seat as the government transportation gives him/her a ride home.)
by GenericWhiteGuy January 09, 2005
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