A terrifying and disgusting combination of statistics and chemistry that will crush your social/sex life into nothingness. This is assuming, however, that said person had one before this class.
person1: Hey bro! last night was crazy! what did you end up doing?

person2: Oh, not much you know... sat at home and wanked it till the wee hours of the morning!

person1: Woah, why?

person2: Analytical chemistry took it to me bro.
by freebord4lyf January 20, 2010
Top Definition
1.) n. The bastard child of statistics and general chemistry
2.) v. It is used to express poor performance in the afforementioned subject.
1.) I am sick of standard deviations and errors, I hate analytical chemistry.

2.) Person 1: How was the exam last night.
Person 2: It was Analytical Chemistry.
Person 1: Ouch... sorry to hear that.
by Skeez Adams September 18, 2006

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