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One who deprives their butthole of penetration.
I'd really like to slam Claire's butt, but she suffers from analrexia.
by brickwallpizzapie June 25, 2011
9 0
In gay culture, several known sufferers, analrexia is the inability to eat at all, normally for a period of at least 12 hours before the act of anal intercourse. This is mostly due to the fear of shitting oneself.
"Do you want to go for a romantic meal?"
"Love to but not if you plan on bumming me later. Damn you analrexia!!"
by TVDP March 28, 2010
36 13
what a girl who abuses laxatives in order to lose weight suffers from
Look at Jane, she's soo skinny! Do you think she even eats?
Yeah girl, I heard she eats all she wants, but takes laxatives all the time. She's got that analrexia goin on
by jockstrapper25 November 16, 2011
0 3