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of or pertaining to the shoving of one's foot up one's rearmost orifice
That nerd chick's doing some analpedic dancing.
by kaiocool December 03, 2004
Derived from the english statement:
"And then I shoved its foot up its ass." The full sentance is usually used after something completely hilarious, stupid, or incomprehensible to make it into something comprehensible or really really hilarious. Used mostly by high school seniors to rag on stupid quotes or sayings.
"Then god struck me down from the white and blue gleeming heaven onto the dirty earth, on to which i gave a goliath like scream "URSULA!" which penetrated deeply into the core from which formed a chasm whose protection i use to sleep while i have nightmares of ursula, god, and a monkey."
"And then I shoved its foot up its ass..."
by kaiocool December 07, 2004