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The act of inserting 2 fingers into the ass, and 1 into the vagina. This is usually performed when she is laying on her stomach. This is the inverse of the common shocker. Only the kinkiest of slampigs will ask or allow for this to happen. Commonly described a number of ways, for example 2 in the stink, 1 in the pink. Attempting this move on a slampig not directly asking for it is reserved for those of the highest bro king status as this can very easily backfire and for those trying to degrade women as much as possible.
I went in for the shocker but the chick flipped over and begged for the anal-berger shocker.

My night got really weird when the slampig I was with asked me to give her the anal-berger shocker.

Friend 1: How did your night end up?

Friend 2: It was going well until I went for the anal-berger shocker and I got a hair iron thrown at me as I ran through the dorm naked holding my clothes over my crotch as everyone came out to view my shame.
by Jake Chillinhaal May 20, 2011
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