(n) Any person who penetrates another person's anus for sexual gratification. Often referred to in homosexuality, however has been known to be referred by straight couples in masochistic sexual positions.

(adj) anal-spelunking the act of having anal sex with another person.
Tom was referred to as an anal-spelunker by his co-workers because he had a boyfriend.

John asked his wife if he could do some anal-spelunking tonight.

Antonio and Sergio claim to be anal-spelunkers
by Randomus August 12, 2006
Top Definition
A being who enjoys inserting ones enlarged erected genitalia into another beings anal cavity(s).
"Shut up Craig, stop being gay, you anal spelunker."
by Twisted Systemâ„¢ August 12, 2006
People that search through dark small "caves" known as: ass crack, stank hole, booty hole, butthole, corn hole, or the trench.
People like Eminem and 50 Cent are anal spelunkers.
by Pat AR January 29, 2004
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