The not so clean task of fucking a girl in the ass... the only reason it is done is because it's much tighter that the vagina and more degrading to the female.

Gay anal sex is done because men lack a pussy.
She likes anal sex... shes a dirty lil whore!

I only fuck her in the ass cuz her pussy is so loose.
by krazykoi February 16, 2007
Sex where something is put up someones ass. Very painful and there is usually poop involved. Men who really are gay are into this.
He had anal sex with his girlfriend even though it hurt so much she cried. Why oh why didn't he just come out of the closet?
by gingernyc August 30, 2007
its like, when a man or a woman, usually take a cock up his/her ass, or a plastic dildo. It may have the following side-effects:
a. asshole becomes too big
b. cuts formed may cause bleeding
c. the person whose ass is fucked, can easily be IDENTIFIED, as the cheeks(bums) move when the person walks
by tillingknight June 02, 2005
When the male genital (penis) is plugged into the female's ass. The recipient can also be a male, if the fucker is gay.
They were not up for the traditional fucking, so they decided to try anal sex.
by PerCHer DanGKnab May 12, 2015

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