The closest you can get to being gay, but still not being gay.
Fred:I just had anal sex with my girlfriend last night.
Bob:That's kinda gay.
by lol515 October 04, 2010
Sex in the rear, backdoor sex. Easiest in the back seat of a car.
Ben fucked the shit out of that slut kailey. everyone has anal sex with that cumdumpster, but he literally fucked her so hard up the ass she shit everywhere.
by Marcus69 November 06, 2006
when a guy gets fucked in his ass so hard he can barely stand it. to fuck a guy in his ass. gays do this when they're horny.
i love to have anal sex.
by cint bronson May 12, 2008
Sex up the ass. Measured in buttsecks
Anal sex. It's overrated.
by Natolya Koksanov May 16, 2006
aka: "The Reverse Poop"
Neil asked Bob if he would be interested in "The Reverse Poop". Bob said "Sure - I love anal sex"!!
by ScottFromTampa January 04, 2007
Anal sex is a sexual practice which is sexually appealing to only 1% of American women according to the most comprehensive survey by the Social Organization of Sexuality.

(Edward O. Laumann, John H. Gagnon, Robert T. Michael, Stuart Michaels. The social organization
of sexuality: Sexual practices in the United States. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.)
The elderly porn addicts and 11-year-old boys who experience their first outbreak of acne and have commented on anal sex so far may find it difficult to differentiate between actual behavior and the sexual world portrayed in pornography.

While anal sex appears in 55.9% of all scenes in best-selling pornography -- see Robert Wosnitzer et al., 2006, "Aggression and Sexual Behavior in Best-Selling Pornography: A Content Analysis"-- and the woman is shown to "enjoy" it, it is important to understand that if they are every lucky enough to have consensual sex with a real woman chances are she will beat them to a bloody pulp if they ever try to manipulate her into letting them penetrate her anus.
by The Happy Humanist July 28, 2010
Anal sex must feel like a good hard piece of shite intruding instead of extruding
Some women have anal sex with local tradesmen so that their weekly accounts may be reduced
by Stias August 27, 2005

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