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When a man/woman is usually on their hands and knees(doggy style) or sometimes standing up, and they get a big hard cock up their ass. Some women like it, and some women can't stand the pain. The reason some people like it is because they like the feeling of having a cock in the back. And guys like it because it's tight, and can sometimes feel better than vaginal sex.
1: My boyfriend pounded my tight ass last night! His cock was so big, and it felt so fricken good!
2: Kyle sat on Caleb's d*ck and slowly went up and down.
3: Carol got on her hands and knees and begged her boyfriend for anal sex.

4: Gabe loves giving his girlfriend anal, because he loves pounding her tight as* with his huge hard cock.
by a regular girl July 19, 2009
37 47
sticking an object (penis, vibrator, etc.) in one's ass. Some guys love it cause it's tight, or maybe cause the girls vagina is too loose. Some girls love it for reasons unknown to me, but most likely because it feels good.

Contrary to popular belief, it is NOT mostly done to women. Everybody does it. (Even some straight guys like things in their ass. Males do have a g-spot...and it's up there.)
Me: Man, that red-headed bitch Natalie had the loosest pussy EVER! So I had anal sex with her...unfortunately, since her best friend kept fucking her in the ass with a massive vibrator, her asshole was loose too!
Friend: Man, that sucks...
Me: Yeah. I'm glad I wore a condom. I found out she slept with lots of guys, including our old friend Roman. It turned out she got some kinda STD, Herpes or something.
Friend: Wow...well, that's what the bitch got for sleeping with her boyfriend's best friend, and then lying to everyone about it.
by Drew89 December 25, 2009
26 40
Sex that is done perfectly or meticulously.
I have OCD, so i always have anal sex.
by samamntha December 17, 2009
34 49
it's like having a dick in your ass, or having a shit backwards
Girl 1: What's anal sex like?
Girl 2: It's like having anal. A dick in your ass.
by Skreeebado June 02, 2009
23 38
extremely painful, but oh so enjoyable, not too hard, not too soft...a lil ky and your good to go! make sure to clean the poop off your pennis when complete
Hey baby, do you wanna bend on over, spread your butt cheeks and do some anal sex??
by missrae March 24, 2009
23 39
its like having a dick in your ass
"whats anal sex like"
"its like having a dick in your ass"
by Joaquin45 May 01, 2010
23 40
Something scene girls like because it pleases their men and won't get them pregnant!
That scene girl has lots of anal sex because she's a nasty whore.
by billygraydaman November 30, 2008
39 67