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Definately a "Gay" or "Prison" stereotype, but is widely known to men that 1 in 3 chicks dig it up the bum which is choice for avoiding the pitter patter of little feet if your a poor student who cant afford condoms. After the first time one of the party involved is left with a slight limp and does not enjoy sitting as much as they used to.
1. As Hamish bent over to pick up his soap Cornies moved in for the kill gave him some good old anal sex.

2. Jerry spent too much money on the piss so had to have anal sex with Anny because she wasn't on the pill.

3.Charllene said that anal sex felt like a backwards poo and didnt' dig it too much but if she was drunk she would probably give it another go, especially with Mike from Accounts
by kieransmith July 31, 2008
64 54
The act of putting your penis up someone else's ass for sexual pleasure.
The guy got home and knew he needed to make love, he reached over and rubbered up his partner. Loads of lube was used and they had wild and passionate analsex.
by Jonathan June 21, 2004
140 55
Being fucked in the ass. Having a penis or a dildo stuck up your ass.
1. I love shoving dildos up my ass, especially vibrators
2. I had anal sex with my gf last night.
by Awesome Sex Freak November 21, 2007
157 92
when one takes it up the ass
lets have crazy wild passionate analsex
by me August 12, 2003
100 44
When This (__*__) gets penetrated by This <==3
and ends up like this (__Q__)
Please don't remove the spaces!
This! (___(=3__)
-------\--- /\--- /
--- ----|---| |---| Ehh? You get the point! Anal sex image!
by TheButtler March 29, 2011
75 31
simply: in the butt
guy to friend: dude she let me have some anal sex. friend: in the butt? Guy: in the butt dude in the butt. Friend: props man.
by assblaster08 December 19, 2008
93 54
When a guyy sticks his penis in ur ass.


some girls like it but some girls onlyy do it for the guys pleasure. i onlyy do it for the guy. =] but onlyy for one guy. ;)
guys say its better than regular sex. ! haha
I let him fuck me in the ass.

We had anal sex.

Butt sex is pleasurable.!
by djsklafhdjksalexwinn July 10, 2008
151 113
Anal sex is the stimulation of the nerve endings in the anus by the fingers, mouth, penis or any other sex object, such as a vibrator or dildo.
josh gave me anal sex last night
by lalala330 July 10, 2008
81 46