One who looks for the golden brown nuggets of love, normally a man, normally in the ass.
by matt March 28, 2003
Top Definition
Someone who steals your virginity via. anal sex. Often performed by horny guys who like shit.
Wes is such an anal pirate.
Take it out of my ass anal pirate.
by Cobra, Magnum, Jerms September 17, 2005
Someone that is so thirsty for the booty that they steal their bro's girl, usually for shits and giggles
I can never keep a girlfriend cause all my friends are anal pirates.
by Brady Ovens August 11, 2015
1) A person who goes around raping people anally, usually for fun or as a hobby.
2) May refer to something in a person's anal cavity.
Chris: I cant belive Kyle goes around raping people for fun

Cole: I know, that boy is a daum anal pirate!
by arrowoodc April 19, 2011
One who is willing to take anything anal.
Joey: Missy is an anal pirate, last night she put a bowling pin in her ass.

Elliott: Dude! Let me get at that
by Joey Garcia III March 11, 2008
An accurate descriptor of an individual who excessively enjoys multiple episodes of anal sex. These sessions usually involve sexual interaction outside of a traditional relationship whereby anal sex may be a given in the established practices of the couple. As an anal pirate, random and or stanger encounters lead more creedence to the title.
Last nite, at the cocktail bar, Ely picked up the new corporate secretary and showed her what the "A" in apprenticeships is all about.....he's a real anal pirate.
by Crinkled December 02, 2007
when people dress up as pirates and have anal. then after that the male pirate inserts his balls into the females ass.
dude i did it anal pirate with my girl last night.
or ur a fucking anal pirate.
by brett maquiss February 08, 2007
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