The destruction of a person's anal cavities through repeated anal raping.

Usually used to pay out mates or slurries, who take it up the ass.
How was the anal destruction u took last night?
My anal cavities were breached.
by Tomo Bruz December 27, 2007
Top Definition
The aftermath of vigorous anal sex, especially when the pitcher has a large penis.
Phil was fucking Mary in the ass at 100mph with his 15inch penis he caused some serious anal destruction... she couldn't walk correctly after that.
by ReynaReaktor April 10, 2006
Ass pumping a girl so hard that it rips and swells the anus.
Girl 1: Ouch! My ass hurts.
Girl 2: Why does it hurt?
Girl 1: Because I had rough anal sex last night and it may have ripped.
Girl 2: HAAHHAAH Talk about anal destruction.
by Inferno98 July 01, 2010
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