1. an energy drink that makes you feel SO GAY! it comes in different flavors such brown eye and penis-alota.
Bob: do you have any Anal Blast?

Bill: yeah, you want some? (pulls down pants)
by tite ass January 14, 2009
Top Definition
Homo energy drink commercial and parody of powerthirst energy drink
sound the alarm you're going to feel UNCOMFORTABLY GAY!
anal blast is for men who need gratuitous amounts of gayness
by oompaloompa11 May 14, 2008
An energy drink made especailly for gay men.

Comes in many flavours including brown eye.
Man 1: "Wow I am really horny"
Man 2: "wanna make love?"
Man 1: "Yeah, ok, I think I have some anal blast"
Man 3: "Oh, cool, get me a bottle too"
by TrooDefinition April 05, 2010
(N): Anal Blast; When someone is pounding the shit out of another's ass hole and proceeds to ejaculate into their asshole.
(V): Anal Blasting; the act of anal blasting.
(1): So how'd it go?
(2): Well, not bad for a first date. It started out kinda slow, but before I knew it we were anal blasting.
(1): Awesome!
by Anonymous . August 01, 2006
A horrible as fuck Grind Core band that sounds like shit & has several songs about girls menstruating.
dude! Anal Blast played at the Boston Bar with Avenger Of Blood & it cost $6.66 to get in.
by Karl Bakla June 26, 2005
When Somes Asshole falls out of there ass.
Holy Shit I just had an Anal blast, Fuck!
by MortyMort June 17, 2008
an Anal Blast is when a male inserts his shlong (Mostly works over 1 inch) and the girl lets one rip ......thus making the male fly accross the area

another way of anal blasting is when an obese male lets one go and wipes out a movie theatre
holy shit man ! that anal blast was deadly ....

Fat Male: sorry people i weally didn't mean to anally blast all of you
by mikeydizzlefrankenizzle June 04, 2005
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