A large growth of hair in the anal region
Cordell has a massive anal beard
I have an sweaty anal beard
by Joe Symonds May 11, 2006
Top Definition
The hair which encompasses the rectum etc. A high quality anal beard will usually contain several different colours (4+) these colours, however, are naturally several shades of "natural" brown. The common anal beard will have 3-7 different scents. The unofficial record of multiple scent for a single anal beard is 22 held by Quincy (this measurment was recorded by kieran) Anal beards can be used as a fashion accessory (eg. braids, ribbons, Dye) public displays of your trendy anal beard usually result in arrest and numerous prison buggerings.
"Gosh, I can smell Quincy's anal beard from here"
"Wow, check the anal beard on that, too bad he's getting arrested"
"DAMN, i've still got some of that chick's anal beard stuck in my ODD and it smells real bad"
"on my adventures, I once saw an anal beard that was 4 meters long! ... it tasted funny...."
by JOSAFOOWIS August 31, 2005
A hairy arse
When you bend over, it looks like a yeti is trying to climb out of you arse crack.
by TommiGunn March 16, 2004
when your ass is inundated with fur, that, no matter how hard u shave, it keeps cuming back... also, it is imposible to wipe your bum clean. nice
George Anal Beard BUSH
by Harriers Mad January 21, 2009
An anal beard is a strand or stands of hair that will come out of a persons anus.
A large beard that comes out of your anus which is called an anal beard
by Carl Crowther October 01, 2009
The hair that grows on the Gooch. When it gets to quite a length, in has qualities like a facial beard, only not itchy.
"I really shouldn't wipe my ass back to front, I get Clingons in my Anal Beard"
by Anal Beard King January 13, 2010
a beard that sprouts from ones anus
dude,is that an anal beard hang outa your anus?
by henroy and jam-es September 28, 2007

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