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n. An excessively obsequious person, who sucks up to superiors at work. Someone who practices ass-kissing to the Nth degree. An Anal Astronaut is the Master of sucking up, with the Apprentice being Butt Kisser, and the Journeyman being Chocolate Starfish Taster or Salad Tosser.
At first I thought Jeffrey was just a plain old Butt Kisser, then I thought he was a Chocolate Starfish Taster, but have since realized he is a real Anal Astronaut. He will suck up to the boss at every opportunity. I bet he offers to wipe his ass for him.
by Seb13 January 25, 2009
When a man loves to explore another man's anal area. This usually involves extensive foreplay with sex toys and a snorkel if done underwater. Finally the astronaut will enter the anus and mark his newly discovered territory. Justin (garza) is famous for this act. He loves two have this act done to him while sucking four dicks at once.
Justin loves to be an anal astronaut with Bryon.
by Justin loves cock October 30, 2007
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