something that is rare and really cool
Dude, that was anal!
by Jaque Off'e December 09, 2007
insertion of a penis in to an anus.

otherwise known as: crusty but sex.
person 1: I'm hungry for shit..

person 2: ..what?

person 1: don't worry I'll show you later.

person 2: alright?
by Kayytiieee August 17, 2009
A person / act that is fastidiously clean-cut, too tidy, too "squared", too orderly
She keeps all her CDs in alphabetical order, that's so anal!
by SuzyQ80 February 23, 2009
coppin up the arseholeeee.
"she copped hell anal"
by penisparty! September 22, 2008
the act of butt sex
i had anal with kari
by karisawhore March 24, 2008
of or relating to the "anus".
"God damn, I've got these horrible anal worts.they burn like crazy."
by Anonymous June 25, 2003
Commonly referred to as "butt sex", usually performed by anal penatration with a penis. Preferred method for those of middle eastern origin.
Adam refused to have normal sex, and would settle for nothing less than anal with Alex.
by King Palumpadump September 02, 2009

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