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This is the group of puertoricans that recently supported former governor Pedro Rossello's return to goverment after numerous corruption scandals.
La ANAL apoyó a Rosselló en la última primaria.
by Luigo1 May 14, 2008
an act in which a male sticks his erect penis into a female/males anus.
often the act in which gay people have sex.
jonno asked cat if she'd like anal in bushy park
by dakota adalia January 27, 2008
the act of sticking your man meat into someone else (or something elses) rear exit.
god that anal with a goat was excellent
by rick420 January 08, 2004
Anal is when a penis or another foreign object (like a dildo) is inserted in the anal cavity. Mainly gay men use this type of activity, but women can also do this to eachother or men can do it to them.
Anal is usually called "butt sex". Obviously now you know why.
by Tristanette June 14, 2008
in through the out door
it sometimes hurts to get analed
by eric123 November 08, 2007
To fuck inside ones ass
"Ben got fucked hard anal by bernard all last night
by Ben February 24, 2005
fucking my butthole
fuck me anal 707 757 8934
by isd;uhg January 29, 2010

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