What you don't want to get in a dark alley.
"Oops I dropped my 200 year old penny worth 2 zillion dollars, I let it be when a biker gang is right behind me and is ready to have "anal"."
by elbug64 August 10, 2016
not just a word related to anus.it also means neat and tidy,responsible.not really popular with the modern teenage language.so dont use it lol
girl:i was called anal girl in school
boy: O.O
girl: what?? i was neat and responsible o.o

from:500 days of summer(movie)
by someone.hu.lyks.both July 28, 2011
Written abbrevation for analytics. Used mainly by catalogers.
did you look at the google anals for yesterday?
by googleverbmaker2 March 27, 2015
The man sticks he's "prodding rod" up a woman/man's "ear".An activity not to be spoken of with family or neighbours nearby.
Prison was nice....I had a chance to work my anal muscles with all that anal going on there.I can totally hear better now,my ear is all cleaned up.
by funkspunkdunk May 21, 2014
One of the most infamous sexual acts, 'anal' or 'anal sex', refers to the stimulation of the anus and penetration of the anal canal.
The anal canal is extremely sensitive and has more nerve endings than the clitoris, nipples and the head of a penis - all put together. Anal can be performed on both a man and a woman.
Dick and Jane have anal sex together.
by Mandy-je February 05, 2010
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