Pooping backwards...without the poop.
ewww poop :P anal is like poop :)
by dancergirl4943 June 29, 2011
One of the most infamous sexual acts, 'anal' or 'anal sex', refers to the stimulation of the anus and penetration of the anal canal.
The anal canal is extremely sensitive and has more nerve endings than the clitoris, nipples and the head of a penis - all put together. Anal can be performed on both a man and a woman.
Dick and Jane have anal sex together.
by Mandy-je February 05, 2010
"anal is THE BEST!" -Dave Grohl
by butt jew November 21, 2009
to fuck up the ass, can be done with a guy and a girl or two guys
anal from him is awesome!!! ;)
by abbey and amy May 07, 2008
It's like having a dick in your ass...
Anal sex
by dude78 February 05, 2010
the gateway to heaven
Guy: My dick went to heaven last night
Friend: Ahh im sorry man. Dont worry its aliright
Guy: Wat? No, I had anal sex last night
by laxitupbro69 March 15, 2009
sex in the ass
Me and my mother had anal sex last night!
by sex-with-mom March 25, 2011

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